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Sunday, September 30

Economy: Idle Idol

For a very small fee
you may worship
beneath the

Previous takers
now own a frown-
there's no

Wednesday, April 25

Mayhem's headline
Mayhem's reporter notes widespread mayhem. "Mayhem's News" is, as usual, mayhem. Mayhem to distract us . . .
Mayhem to make sensing, feeling, and knowing painful. Mayhem to blow out our spark of confidence. Mayhem to shrink our sense of the world. Mayhem to wither our spirit. Mayhem to sow such discouragement, doubt, and fear that we think the deepest part of us, the mystery-center of ourselves, can be hurt, even end in horrible death. Wow- that's quite a distraction!
But, despite the "opposition", life has no opposite. Death is the opposite of birth. Birth and death are two hi-lights in our journey, both made precious by our compassion. Beyond all distraction, we carry an eternal seed in our hearts. You might say that we are children of God growing up. Life is living, ever-living oneHeart eternity.

Thursday, September 22

Simon, again

This time with a video tutorial of his Replot Stinger, a marvelous Finn Raccoon and feathers fly. Simple construction, lots of action.

Saturday, August 13