Pete's original writings from the Heart of the World, plus fly-tying

Wednesday, May 12

Water moleciules

Water molecules
in a passing wave
move in a circular
sort of dance
as the wave passes
they swim in place
but remain -
they do not travel
off in the wave -
the wave does not
carry them away

Sunday, May 9

Eyes wide open, but . . .

After a year working with a great acupuncturist, it's clear to me from the regular presence of side-effects that the pharmaceutical industry does not understand the whole-body-system. Still, I need and use plenty of meds. As it happens, one of my inhalers has strongly accelerated the growth of cataracts in both eyes. One lens replacement surgery is done and the other is in a couple of weeks. No tying for weeks, until this morning.

Here's my copy of one of Richard Strolis' rabbit flies (Feb blog 26 entry). He used part of Fox Statler's Alewife Minnow design (tail, body, and ventral flash) and added a rabbit strip across the top. A real fine combination.

My second fly uses Eumer tubing, xx-large conehead, large monster disc, short strip of Finn Raccoon, a shorter piece of rabbit, some pearl angel hair, and 3d eyes.

I mounted a large fl. pink tube over a small clear tube, then tied a little angel hair 360 degrees on the large tube and added the xx-large conehead. Glued a short piece of raccoon zonker to the top of the conehead and a shorter piece of rabbit zonker to the bottom. Glued eyes on the conehead and finished off with a reversed monster disc. This combo was reported to really shake in the water but - surprise - I can't see well enough to tell! If it doesn't, I'll skip the conehead next time to lighten it up.

Monday, May 3


sweeps the limits
of who we think
we are, bringing
us home, where
the heart is


Sunday, May 2


The fog from

night-mind now

drips slowly

from the eaves,

leaving dry day