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Thursday, September 22

Simon, again

This time with a video tutorial of his Replot Stinger, a marvelous Finn Raccoon and feathers fly. Simple construction, lots of action.

Saturday, August 13

Saturday, July 16

‪Dave Skok's Mushmouth‬

First tied for skipjack tuna, the Mushmouth has been around for quite awhile. It will take just about any fish after smaller baits. (This video was shot by Dave Souza of Fall River Herald News)
Skok (sometimes working with Jaime Boyle) has developed some equally effective variations.

Friday, July 8

Shallow water backcountry fly

Here's the shallow water backcountry fly from Don's Bait & Tackle.
 And check out the sunglasses-over-the-Kodak-Playsport-lens videos in his other YouTube selections.

Monday, June 27

Sunday, June 12

Eumer Spin Tubes

I don't mind spinning with flies - a bit of extra weight (floating, suspending, or sinking) works just fine. You lose a lot of the line handling skills when flyfishing, but it's still great fun and opens other possibilities. Eumer has introduced a series of Spin Tube flies and components that should be available in the US soon. These new products, components, and techniques are introduced on their YouTube Channel..

A full-color catalog of their Spin Tube products and components is featured on their website.

There are 2 tying tutorials so far. One is a larger construction aimed at pike, etc using Finn Raccoon.

The second is a smaller tie, the "Keel Minnow".

Wednesday, May 25

Sloggi's tube fly w/cone body

There are flies which not only catch your eye but appeal to something deeper... This little tube fly with a weighted cone body is one of my favorites. It's featured in 2 sets of forum discussions on the Salmon Fishing Forum. Sloggi's step-by-step is provided in the 2nd set.

Monday, May 23

Popovics' FLEX Fleye

Bob Popovics' FLEX Fleye uses Tuffleye FLEX over a synthetic wing like Steve Farrar's Blend (with a little angel hair topping) over a tuft of fleece. Many variations, way cool and effective.
Want to see more of Popovics and Farrar? Try the ASWF site.

Sunday, May 22

Zaggin Zook

Check out Curtis Fry's "Zaggin Zook", a topwater fly that walks-the-dog with ease.
Or try Curtis's YouTube Channel - lots to choose from.

Sunday, April 24

Simon's Musky Flies

Simon over at Pike Fly Fishing Articles has posted Baltic Pike Flies - The Bad Ass Musky Collection. Have fun!

Friday, March 25

Niklaus Bauer

Niklaus Bauer has posted a great tube fly tutorial - the Sheephead Master. If you enjoy this style, he has two other tutorials you might find worthwhile, the Magic Minnow and the Hoover Fly, parts 1 and 2. The videos are in Swedish, but the techniques are easy to follow.

Monday, January 10

Simon's Slideshow

What a great way to start the week. Simon over at Pike Fly Fishing Articles has posted a slideshow featuring an assortment of his ties. Great photography and inspirational tying. Well worth it!